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J. Defaut

About me

Restoration & Reproduction Manufacturing

It was in France and Germany, particularly in the 1850s and 1880s, that companies of varying sizes produced these beautiful dolls.

Luxury objects, the head is made of fine porcelain biscuit and tinted with pigments with a baking process for each color applied (cheeks, lips, eyelashes, eyebrows…).

The eyes are made of glass or crystal, natural hair or mohair, silk and lace clothes, leather shoes…

The decline of these products began in the 1900s and disappeared around 1930-1950. Today, they are collectible dolls, some of which, in specialized auctions, reach significant prices.

With more than 40 years of experience, I am specialized in the restoration and reproduction of these dolls in my workshop located in the Jura, 25 km north of Bourg-en-Bresse.

You can visit me at the workshop or send me your doll to be restored by post.


Restorer and expert at Museum conservatories, auctioneers and insurance companies

The principle of restoration is to restore the object to its original state with as little intervention as possible. I touch up the paint on the repaired parts but I avoid a complete painting.
I always prefer repair to replacement, but if a part is missing or not repairable, I am able to manufacture a replacement part as close as possible to the original part…


Professional reproductions of finished dolls or spare parts

I work according to the methods used in the 19th century, to make reproductions, as faithful as possible, of these very beautiful works of art that were the dolls of yesteryear.
All my products are indelibly marked (engraving in the neck on the porcelain biscuit before firing) with the acronym “AO” for “L’Âme des Objets”.

How it works

Free diagnostics & quotations

The extensive documentation accumulated over the past 40 years allows me to give you information about the doll or dolls you own.

From photos, measurements and descriptions, I can give you an approximate restoration estimate.
The quote is final with the doll “in hand”.

“Like Geppetto and his Pinocchio, the relationship between Jacques Defaut and his dolls is something fabulous.”

Le Progrès

Respect the precious object

Each doll is carefully examined with, if necessary, research in the documentation to ensure that it returns to its original state.

“Specialist in earthenware and porcelain, Jacques Defaut is more particularly expert in antique dolls. Whether it is a question of evaluation and estimation, restoration or reproduction, this man is one of the few professionals still working in this field”

Brocante et Rénovation

“Museums, collectors’ clubs are all over these exact reproductions: Jacques Defaut sold replicas of the famous “Bleuette” to the United States…”


Dolls & spare parts

Sale available at the workshop & online

My core business is the restoration of antique dolls. In addition, I make reproductions and supply spare parts (heads, hands, eyes, body, clothes, etc.).

For more information, feel free to contact me or visit my shop directly on eBay.



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