The restoration

Restoration of antique dolls

After disassembling the doll, I carry out a cleaning process adapted to old materials.

Then each element is restored to its original state. The most frequent interventions are: remaking one or more missing fingers, reforming a joint, fixing a flaking coating, filling gaps and repairing paint only on repaired parts.

If the doll has a mechanism: cleaning, consolidation and adjustment are, in most cases, sufficient to start operating again.

If the original attachment hooks are missing or too weakened I make these hooks in replica of the old one.

Examples of restoration

1. Broken Head

If the breaks are clear and there is no significant lack of material on the face, a restoration is possible.

I start with a perfect cleaning of each of the pieces to allow me to stick with a technique that only reveals a “hair”.

I fill in the gaps with a resin and touch up the paint only on the repaired parts, avoiding a complete painting.

When a head is not repairable or missing, I propose a head reproduced identically, of my manufacture, corresponding to the model of the doll.

Following many questions, I would like to point out that it is technically impossible to “anneal” the porcelain to glue it.

2. Manufacturing a replacement part

When a part of the doll is missing or unrepairable, I manufacture a replacement part respecting the materials and the color.

Old bodies were generally made of thick cardboard shaped in hot presses and then dipped in a plaster-based coating or papier mâché or a composition of chipboard.

I restore old dolls and make reproductions, as in the past, with a composition based on papier mâché, respecting the memory of the past and especially without using modern materials.

3. Reassembly of rubber bands

Before replacing the rubber bands, it is essential to consolidate the load-bearing parts that are generally weakened.

A reassembly (even an old one) done without respecting the original assembly diagram may have deformed the joints.

For restoration it is important to use only cotton elastics which, over the years, relax unlike nylon elastics, which last much less time but especially shrink over time and cause joints to sink.

Doll restoration

Whatever the condition of your doll, do not hesitate to contact me so that I can estimate the required repairs

You can visit me at the workshop. For the phone and address, please see the Contact page.

Alternatively, you can contact me by e-mail with photos specifying the size of the doll and possibly the inscriptions on the neck.

I will indicate the possibilities of restoration with an evaluation of the cost of the work.

I will also make the necessary recommendations in case you decide to send me your doll by parcel post.

Dolls & spare parts

Sale available at the workshop & online

My core business is the restoration of antique dolls. In addition, I make reproductions and supply spare parts (heads, hands, eyes, body, clothes, etc.).

For more information, feel free to contact me or visit my shop directly on eBay.


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